sexta-feira, agosto 10, 2007

Bidin' my time

I've decided to waste my time in waiting for the bus 742 near the place where I work, this because I'm simply tired of using the metro. To go to the places I live in I have to exchange from one line to another.Now I only need to catch the Bus and I go directly into Alcantara Mar train station, and from there I travel by train.
Over and over again, we all waste our times in this places, could be in the metro platform, a fluvial station or even an airport. I don't know if any of these places could be, in any way, nice to stay on or enjoy. The bus stops could be used as places where people could made group therapy (like in the anonym alcoholics) and there on the end of every day each one would tell the unhappinness or unpleaseness of their lifes. The seatplaces should had a round table, where everyone would join together and chat with other people: "Please share with me what makes you unhappy at this end of day right here right now!". Each way or another, people will never enter in stress or be anxious again about the bus that never gets ready.
I want to see any of you happy on the next bus stop when I will come there next day.